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EFEST Vaping Products

Cheap EFEST batteries and chargers

Are you tired of your vape dying halfway through the day or your mod not firing at full power? It’s probably time for a new high-drain powerhouse that will have your device hitting hard. 

The EFEST chargers for sale will turn your vapes into cloud-generating workaholics that just don’t quit. If you are looking for keenly priced gear to keep up with your vaping habits, the EFEST line of well-designed, safety-minded units provides fast power at the prices you will undoubtedly appreciate.

Buy an EFEST battery online to power up your vape

Any vape is as good as its cells. That’s why we proudly feature EFEST’s long-lasting batteries to keep your mod firing on all cylinders. For a quick choice, you can opt for:

  • 18650. Rated at 20A, this hard worker handles sub-ohm builds and high-wattage vaping and is great for most devices.

  • 21700. If you need even more power, this one cranks out a whopping 30A, enough to drive most dual-battery mods at over 200 watts all day long. 

EFEST creates prime-quality vaping essentials for hobbyists and professionals. The best part is that you don’t have to be a tycoon to afford them at VAYYIP. 

Top-shelf EFEST battery chargers for bottom-shelf prices

Even the best batteries won’t do you much good without a charger. If you burn through cells fast, the following units can recharge your depleted devices in under a couple of hours:

  • K2. This charger can juice multiple battery types and has indicators that let you check the charging progress at a glance. 

  • K4. This versatile four-bay station can handle everything from 10440s to 21700s, giving you maximum visibility into how much juice each cell has.

When a vapor craving hits, waiting days for new accessories won’t do. That’s why when you order an EFEST vape battery or charger on the VAYYIP website, expect express delivery in Abu Dhabi. For other orders, we can zoom around the country to deliver EFEST products before you have a chance to miss them.

Buy the duo of a high-performance EFEST battery and charger and keep your inhale count unaffected!



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