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Indulge in the exclusivity of IJOY’s premium vape kits. This brand will exceed your expectations to deliver elegantly designed, tech-enhanced units with some serious power under the hood – from temperature control to preheat functions. If you want a pod that turns heads at your next cloud competition, explore our collection of IJOY vapes for sale.

We carry the brand’s greatest vaping hits in the UAE. They can be safely delivered to any emirate and are available at reduced prices at VAYYIP. An exclusive vaping experience doesn’t always mean being expensive.

Buy cheap IJOY disposable vapes

IJOY is known for pushing the envelope in the vaping industry. It creates innovative setups that deliver unparalleled sessions. Its Neptune X is an ideal all-around vape that boasts a mighty built-in battery and holds 1.8 ml of your favorite e-liquid. It is neat-looking and produces surprisingly big clouds for such a little guy. It also lets you choose your preferred power output for more customizable sessions. 

At VAYYIP, we can help you maintain your Neptune’s performance or get started with it. We are thrilled to carry cartridges and other essentials for this and other IJOY vape series.

To get a kick from sessions at their best, stock up on replacement cartridges. Keep extras on deck so you never have to go without your pod.

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You don’t have to drive from store to store and waste your precious time that you could spend on more interesting or useful things. Take this hassle out of shopping for vapes and order from VAYYIP today. With complimentary shipping and an urgent delivery service in Abu Dhabi, your new IJOY can be in your hands tonight.

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