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Tokyo ChocoMint Ice Super Cool 30ml

Tokyo ChocoMint Ice Super Cool 30ml

  • Dhs. 40.00 AED

Detailed Description of Vape Tokyo Super Cool Saltnic Chocolate Mint 30ml

Tokyo Super Cool chocolate mint juice  has a blend of two flavors. It is a blend of chocolate with a bit of bitterness, followed by a light sweetness on the tip of the tongue. Mixed with the cool, refreshing feeling of mint. All flavors are mixed delicately and perfectly. Making anyone easily attracted by the true and complete aftertaste.

Product specifications

  • Product line name: Tokyo Super Cool Chocolate Mint essential oil
  • Capacity:  30ml
  • Nicotine concentration: 35mg – 50mg
  • Flavor: Mint Chocolate – Chocomint Ice
  • Brand:  TOKYO


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