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VELO Freeze X-Strong 11mg Nicotine Pouch

VELO Freeze X-Strong 11mg Nicotine Pouch

  • Dhs. 40.00 AED

Velo Freeze X-Strong Nicotine Pouches

The Velo Freeze Extra Strong nicotine pouches are undoubtedly ideal for those looking for an intense but fresh flavour of mint with a high nicotine content. Many users have called it their favourite flavour! Contained within the Velo signature tin, each contains 20 slim portions with a nicotine strength of 7.6 mg per pouch. Consequently, they are perfect for long-term and experienced users. 

The Velo Brand

Velo's products are manufactured by British American Tobacco including the Freeze X-Strong Slim Nicotine Pouches as well as many other flavours. The Freeze X-Strong pouches are produced from eucalyptus and pine fibres. The pouches are easy to use, simply put it under your lip. With a variety of different flavours and strengths, Velo has something to suit every preference. 



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