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How do vaping devices work?All vaping devices work in the same way: A battery powers on a coil heating a liquid known as vape juice. The heat converts the vape liquid into aerosol which can be inhaled.

What is the difference between SALT NIC and e liquid(freebase)?Free base nicotine is the purest form of Nicotine. It is nicotine as found in the natural state. 

Nic Salts are a concentrated form of nicotine dissolved in benzoic acid which reduces pH levels in vape liquid. Leading to a smoother vaping experience.

Use the table below to decide on what to choose

 Criteria What to Use
I am a heavy smoker SALTNIC
I want bigger clouds Freebase
I want to spend less money SALTNIC
I am looking for something similar to a cigarette SALTNIC
I want a shisha like experience Freebase


What is a POD System? In a nutshell, A Vape Pod System is a mini vaporizers that is comprised of two main components: A Pod that you fill with eJuice and a battery that the pod attaches to. Pod Systems come in two varieties: Pre-filled Pod Systems, such as the Myle and Refillable Pod Systems, such as the SMOK Nord.

What device do I need to buy? If you are smoker looking to transition to vaping we recommend a pod system using nicotine salts in order to get a cigarette like experience. If you want the portability of a pod system but something that generates more clouds buy a vape pen(SKY SOLO, ARAMAX POWER). If you just want the most clouds and flavor possible buy a high wattage Vape Kit. 

Which POD system is best for me? If you are looking to smoke SALTNIC it is better you choose a pod system that has high OHM MTL pods or coils like vaporesso zero. If you are looking to smoke free base nicotine better choose something that has DL sub ohm pods or coils like smok nord/smok novo etc...

Can I vape anywhere?No. You can only smoke in smoking designated areas.

Which is cheaper Vaping or traditional smoking? Vaping is definitely cheaper than smoking traditional cigarettes. How much you save depends on how much you spend on devices and hardware.

How often do i need to change my vape coil? Most manufacturers recommend changing the vape coil every 5 to 10 refills. In terms of time that would be 1 to 4 weeks. 

How do i know when to change my vape coil? When your coil has burned out. The juice flavor becomes difficult to sense and you start to feel a burned taste when you use your vape.

How old do you have to be to buy a vape product? The LAW in the UAE mandates that you be 18+ years old in order to buy smoking products.

Can you vape without nicotine? Yes, you can buy e-liquid without nicotine.

What is the best way to store pods and eliquids? The best way to keep your e-liquids safe is to store them in a cool, dark place. Ideally, you have a cabinet or other location where they can be out of direct sunlight and away from any kind of heat source. Also make sure to keep liquids away from children

My device is new but it does not work?Depending on the device there is usually an on/off function using the fire button in quick succession which is either 3, 5 or 7 times depending on the model. Some of our box mods use an on/off switch. If that doesn't work check the device user manual or  contact us for support



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