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Coil Master DIY Kit V2

Coil Master DIY Kit V2

  • Dhs. 95.00 AED

he Coil Master Kit  V2 provides a plethora of useful accessories for DIY builders of RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs, all in a highly durable and portable case made from ABS material with corrosion and temperature resistance.

1x PU/EVA ZIP Tool Case
1x Pair of Needle nose pliers
1x Pair of Flush cutter pliers
1x Pair of Ceramic Tweezers
2x Pen Style Screwdriver kit
1x Pair of Elbow Tweezers
1x Bag of Organic Cotton
1x Ohm Meter
1x Pair of Stainless steel scissors
1x Spool of Kanthal Wire


The Coil Master V2 DIY Kit Features:

The Coilmaster V2 DIY Kit comes in a hard-wearing silicon rubberized zip-up kit bag, with all of the included equipment laid out neatly within inserts. There is also an authenticity code included so that you can check you have got yourself the real deal on the Coilmaster website.

There’s a vast amount of kit included within the silicon rubberized kit bag, so let’s break down what is included:

  • Spring-loaded and with soft rubber grip coated handles, these are nice and sharp, making clipping wires off a complete breeze!
  • These are spring-loaded and function very well in allowing to set positioning of your coils. They have also come in really handy when I’ve had to get some post screws out of my rebuildables that had become stuck in the post holes. Also, when torching wire/mesh, these come in handy to hold the wire or mesh at arm’s length to safely touch it.
  • You’ll find these to come in really handy when cutting your desired wicking material down to the size you need it! They also cut through my stainless steel mesh with ease when I use mesh in my Genesis atomizer builds.
  • For your Phillips/Cross Head screws, commonly found in your posts or atomizers with a fill screw. It’s a pen-shaped design and is comfortable in hand.
  • as above really, but for screws requiring a flat rather than crosshead.
  • – very handy bit of kit indeed. Not only can you squeeze and pinch your coils when firing them without shorting for that neat and tidy look and to ease out the hot spots, but it’s also handy if you use mesh as you can grip your mesh with these, torch it to oxidize it, and not receive third-degree burns from the stainless steel parts of the tweezer heating up.
  • For those even finer adjustments to your coils and wick placements. These aren’t ceramic tipped, however! With the fine-tipped ends, you can really adjust your wick placements to perfection.
  • SPOOL OF 24AWG kanthal:
  • If you are gonna build coils, you are gonna need wire. In the Coilmaster V2 kit, Coilmaster has generously included a 10ft spool of 24 AWG/0.5mm kanthal to get you going. 24AWG/0.5mm kanthal is one of my preferred coil thicknesses and it’s a nice thick wire I find easy to coil. You need to be aware that 0.5mm is a pretty low resistance wire, so make good use of the included ohm meter!
  • Quite possibly the single most important bit of kit for any vapers arsenal when it comes to rebuilding your own coils. An ohm-meter is incredibly important as it will give you the resistance of your build, so you can ensure this is well within the safe limits of your batteries, and also ensure no shorts are present in your build. Resistance can be read with this between 0.01ohm-19.99ohm and it’s one of the most accurate ohm’s meters I have come across, this ohm’s meter also allows you with the connector on the left-hand side to measure your battery voltage, and will be able to check voltage from 0.01v-11.99v. It does require two AA batteries (sold separately).




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