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E&B Brown Sugar Cereal 100ml

E&B Brown Sugar Cereal 100ml

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Brown Sugar

E&B’s very own Brown Sugar e-juice comes with fresh ingredients following a natural extraction process that pulls out the best of a cream flavored vape juice. It is designed to address the sweet tooth of those who love inhaling the appetizing saccharine.

Buy 60ml and 100ml bottles with three different nicotine strengths - 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. You cannot go wrong with our products. Get the best sweetness pleasure overloaded in our e-liquid. It’s time you fulfill your wishes with the Brown Sugar product line.

Mouthwatering Flavors

Perfection is possible, and we have ascertained it by creating the Brown Sugar cream vape juice line. You have fan-favorites to choose from in the house. Savor Custard, Cookie, Cheesecake, and Cereal Milk. Whether your breakfast needs an addition or you want an enriched evening break, grab a bottle, fill the device, and light it up.

Cereal Milk - Breakfast could never feel any better. Get the morning satisfaction of aromatic cereal milk with this e-liquid.

Just like its name, Brown Sugar provides the sweetest cream vape juice to those who love dessert with their meal. These delicious flavors will make you say ‘Please! I need more.’ These are bound to become your next favorite e juice collection.



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