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EMERICANO by Gold Leaf SALT 30ml

  • Dhs. 50.00 AED

If you can recall watching any of those classic films, sometimes you would see a scene of your favorite actor or actress smoking a cigarette while having a cup of coffee. Back then it was, and even today it is, an interesting match. Well, now you can enjoy the same flavor, just in a nicotine salt ejuice form with Emericano – Gold Leaf SALT E Liquid 30ml. The blend of nutty and earthy tobacco gets combined with rich and creamy coffee to deliver a fine and soothing vaping experience unlike any other.

Each deep inhale brings out the earthy blend of freshly brewed espresso that will perk up your taste buds followed by the sweet tobacco on the exhale that will have you savoring this flavor until the next hit.

Emericano Salts vape juice from Gold Leaf comes in a 30ml bottle and has the ideal flavor chasing and throat hit ratio of 50/50 VG/PG.

Grab your pod, fill it up with this amazing e liquid, and vape away for hours on end whenever you might need a pick-me-up or just some time to relax and unwind.

Package Contents Include:

1 x 30ml bottle of Emericano Salts by Gold Leaf
VG/PG: 50/50
Nicotine Strength: 30mg and 50mg
Flavor Profile: Tobacco, Coffee



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