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Mothers Milk - Suicide Bunny

Mothers Milk - Suicide Bunny

  • Dhs. 55.00 AED

Mother’s Milk Vape Juice by Suicide Bunny

You’ve heard the name. You’ve heard the stories. Now, enjoy one of the best-known e-liquids on the planet. This isn’t just an e-juice: Mothers Milk e juice is an experience. Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk has defied time to remain among the best-selling liquids in vaping. The first of its kind, Mothers Milk e-juice has become the signature product for Suicide Bunny’s illustrious brand. The perfect all-day vape, this creamy fruit-filled ejuice delivers on its reputation time and time again. Mother’s Milk vape juice is many vapers’ cornerstone juice for a reason. Welcome to the world of Mother’s Milk: Hang on tight, because it’ll be a long ride and a powerful love affair between your taste buds and this liquid.

As the name might suggest, Mothers Milk e-liquid is a fantastic juice for new vapers. Mother’s Milk vape ingredients include strong strawberry notes coated in a milky flavor. The sweet, creamy taste surprises newbies and keeps veterans coming back for more.

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Primary Flavors: Cream, Strawberry, Milk


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