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Nasty Juice - Slow Blow - VAYYIP

Nasty Juice - Slow Blow

  • Dhs. 40.00 AED

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Experience the invigorating taste of Nasty Juice - Slow Blow at VAYYIP Ecigarette Store, Abu Dhabi UAE. This premium e-liquid blends zesty pineapple with subtle lime soda notes, delivering a refreshing and tangy vaping sensation.

Nasty Juice - Slow Blow is crafted for flavor enthusiasts seeking a tropical twist. Each bottle features high-quality ingredients and comes in 60ml capacity, providing ample supply for extended vape sessions. Available in nicotine strengths of 3mg and 6mg, it ensures a smooth throat hit and robust vapor production.

At VAYYIP Ecigarette Store, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer a diverse selection of e-liquids, including Nasty Juice - Slow Blow, known for its superior flavor profile and consistent quality. Our user-friendly online platform enables easy browsing and secure purchases, with swift delivery services across Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Explore the refreshing taste of Nasty Juice - Slow Blow at VAYYIP Ecigarette Store today. Elevate your vaping journey with this tropical blend and indulge in the perfect balance of pineapple sweetness and lime soda crispness.

Choose Nasty Juice - Slow Blow for a flavorful vaping adventure and enjoy ultimate satisfaction with every vape session.

Nicotine: 3mg, 6mg
Capacity: 60ml



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