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MAZAJ PODS GRAPE RASPBERRY. the mix of 2 amazing fruits Grape + Raspberry. suitable to use with P POD starter kit or Phix Starter kit. pack of 4 PODS.

 P Pod Blastberry, enjoy with the taste of berry.  A flavor of extra berry. Pack of 4 pods with 5% Nicotine. blastberry  pods gathered blue berry, red berry and purple berry in one flavour.

 DOUBLE APPLE the amazing flavor of red apple along with green apple. Packet of 4 pods from P Pod.

 P POD GUMMY GRAPE. Mix of fresh grape with gum. Pack of 4 PODS 5% NICOTINE. for those who like to try new flavors, this one is your choice. suitable to use with Phix starter kit or P Pod kit.

P POD GUMMY GRAPE ICE, The mix between delicious grape taste + touch of gummy flavor enhanced with ice. Pack 4 PODS. suitable to use with phix starter kit or P Pod kits.

PINK SMOOTHIE is a Blackcurrant Soft Drink, juice blend with a hint of Cotton Candy

 C3 POds. pack of 4 pods flavour of custard, Carmel and cigar. pod size 1.5 Ml. and 5% Nicotine. Produced by P POD and fits Phix, Thor and p pod devices.



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