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Strawberry Taffy E-Liquid by Taffy Splash 100ml

Strawberry Taffy E-Liquid by Taffy Splash 100ml

  • Dhs. 65.00 AED

Strawberry Taffy E-Liquid by Taffy Splash is a delectable strawberry rendition of your favorite sweet treat delight with a smooth creamy finish. The team at Taffy Splash present yet another fantastic salt water taffy blend in Strawberry Taffy E-Liquid, bringing you the fruits you love alongside their signature velvety base. Discover just how well the freshly picked strawberry combines with a sweet mouth-watering taffy, and you just might find Strawberry Taffy E-Liquid to be the perfect summertime companion!

Taffy Splash E-Liquids is manufactured and brought to you from Orlando, Florida. Taffy Splash introduces a line-up of summertime, boardwalk-inspired, sweet treat dessert delights perfect for the sweet tooth in all of us. Each unique flavor is focused on blending the signature taffy splash base with a different popular fruit in order to accurately replicate the chewy sweet treats you know and love. Initially coming onto the market with a ripe strawberry and a sweet and tart blue raspberry they have since expanded their selection to include banana. Each selection has been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the instantly recognizable taffy sweetness alongside a rich and silky smooth finish. These are flavors to be relished and enjoyed and are sure to transport you right back to the seaside taffy that you remember. Now is the perfect time to discover the unique combination of sweet, creamy and fruity that have helped to build Taffy Splash into a household name among sweet treat vape enthusiasts.



Bottle Size: 100mL (milliliter)

VG/PG: 70/30



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