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It has arrived!

Summer Vibes by Ripes Vapes is here at E Cigarette Empire and this is one e liquid you will not want to pass up on.

Summer Vibes has the flavor profile of a mixture of tropical fruits. During your inhale your taste palate will be flooded with a sweet strawberry and lime sensation. The fruit flavor is so pure that your mouth will begin to water and drool for more. Upon exhaling is when the coconut and banana comes into play which really complements the fruity inhale. This flavor profile really has a summer vibe to it.

The throat hit is smooth and subtle. Due to the fruity mixture it really makes the throat hit refreshing. You can enjoy the flavor profile to its fullest without coughing up a lung every time you go to vape. Ripe Vapes has a reputation for smooth throat hits.

The bottle design is unique compared to its previous designs. The e juice comes in a chubby gorrilla bottle with a paper colored label printed on it. On the label it has a rainbow colored border with palm trees crossing in each in the middle. Written on the label is Ripe Vapes and Summer Vibes. From the top of the label to the bottom it has a rainbow gradient for the graphics and font.

The VG/PG ratio is a 70/30 blend which is perfect for maximum summer flavor and clouds.

Grab a bottle of this summer time vape juice before it is all gone! You can get it here first!

  • Flavor Profile: Strawberry, Lime, Banana, Coconut
  • VG/PG: 70/30


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