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18 Mg Nicotine E-liquids

Shop 18MG vape juices for your ideal higher-strength product

To get the same satisfaction from vaping as you would from cigarettes, you need to match e-juice nicotine strength to the intensity of your smoking. However, a higher or lower MG level may be necessary for your vaping habits to stay. That’s why a cheap e-liquid with 18MG nicotine is a popular starting point for heavy and moderate smokers alike.

Taking it from there, you can expand on flavors and see whether a higher or lower strength will do the trick. The hard-hitting experience may seem quite harsh, even for those who crave a nicotine punch. If so, opt for a blended 18MG nicotine vape juice for sale for a smoother vaping experience. You can also consider a lower-strength liquid or zoom in on ice-type flavors for a refreshing feel.

Something special to enhance your vaping sessions

As a new or expert vaper, you may want to look past your tried-and-true favorites once in a while to indulge in a deliciously different experience. Buy an 18MG e-liquid online at VAYYIP in an array of exquisite gourmand flavors that pack in serious nicotine potency. These are fun to experiment with at any point during your vaping journey.

Discover savory flavor combinations you can order with 18MG nicotine in the UAE. You never know how similar or different the two experiences may feel, but you are likely to find greater satisfaction with vaping when opting for menthol and fruity combinations. 

Still, the hit you will feel through vaping can vary between brands, batches, or even packs of flavors manufactured under the same series. But if you’ve tried 3MG and know it doesn’t hit your throat like you want it to, 18MG is the best bet.

Which MG level should you try as a heavy vaper?

This mainly depends on your vaping technique (the kind of puffs you take) and the type of device. But you can save big on finding an answer to this question with a great choice of 18MG e-liquids at VAYYIP. We can get them to you anywhere in the UAE.



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