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Order SaltNic juices to up your nicotine game

While nicotine salts may be the new kid on the block for some vapers, they have won the hearts of thousands already. These rich-flavored e-liquids are a long-awaited revelation for those excited about nicotine and high-strength juices. They are created as a result of adding benzoic acid to traditional nicotine, making nicotine-fused vaping even more pleasant to the throat. Can’t wait to feel it? SaltNic is your warmest invitation to nicotine salts!

These vape liquids are for a higher concentration without irritating the throat and lungs. Salt Nic juices deliver the ultimate in smoking resemblance and satisfaction based on nicotine. Still, they work in a gentle manner as you pour them into your pods, mods, or other devices. 

When seeking a Salt Nic shop to replenish your juice sets and try the best flavors, VAYYIP is here to open its doors to UAE vapers of legal age. Grab your nicotine salts and experience the hits that only salt can provide. Moreover, you can treat yourself to something new in our vape menu, including flavor combinations, potency levels, and the latest formulations.

Cheap Salt Nic vape juices for sale

When there’s ‘cheap’ next to the vaping product you’re about to get, you may think there’s a caveat. But there is no because all nicotine salt liquids in our range are:

  • The epitome of hitting bliss. Due to their high nicotine content, even the most avid vapers are satisfied by inhaling SaltNic e-liquids.
  • The epitome of extracted sweetness. SaltNic flavors are as incredible as ordinary juices. When blended with acid and nicotine, they preserve their slight tones and palate-tingling effects.

The pickiest vape connoisseurs will be impressed with the diversity of flavors at VAYYIP:

  • Ice-enhanced options
  • Apple 
  • Mango
  • Grape
  • Peach

Berries, fruit, mouth-watering mixes, icy mint notes, and expressive spicy sensations seasoned with potent nicotine bombs are waiting for those who are going to buy SaltNic juices here. 

Don’t run out of puffs

Nicotine salts mostly come in two strength options – 25MG and 50MG – so you can always choose between the hit you crave. If you’re buying your first formulation of the salt type, go lower for starters.

The VAYYIP Salt Nic online shop is a goldmine for seekers of new experiences. Be creative with flavor combinations and get them today or within several days UAE-wide. May your receptors burst with nicotine-enhanced sensations!



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