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Buy disposable pods online and forget about constant refilling for good

Do you like to vape but hate to replenish the e-juice container because it leaks so easily? At VAYYIP, we offer numerous disposable pods for sale that will save you the trouble. With these portable devices, you won’t waste a single drop of the precious liquid when evaporating. Explore our vast selection of products to find the best disposable pod system that will perfectly match your needs and preferences.


This kind of vaping devices has been gaining popularity rapidly because they are super-easy to use and don’t cost much compared to other types of modules. They don’t require maintenance and recharging. What is more, they have enough battery capacity to let you make hundreds of puffs. Disposable vape pods can be a perfect solution for those who like to be social smokers and prefer to keep it that way. If you keep nodding to the mentioned above words, then congrats, you're on the right page. Buy disposable pods online and save tons of money by spending only a few bucks on these devices once in a while. Shop wisely with VAYYIP to always have a few hundred bucks for a rainy day.  

What do we offer at our disposable pods online shop?

VAYYIP is a big player on the market of vaping products, so we know what the customers want to see in our assortment. That’s why we regularly update it adding new items that attract users' attention. Please, take a look below to learn more about the distinctive features of our devices: 

 Various capacities. Some disposable vape pods can hold no more than 1.2 ml of liquid, while others can be 2 ml and more in volume.

 A lot of flavors. Fruits, berries, chocolate, vanilla, sweet beverages, and classic tobacco are only a few tastes you can try at our store.

 Diverse designs and sizes. We have bright and colorful devices as well as stylish monochrome mods that can fit any pocket.

 Respectable brands. We offer disposable pods for sale developed by famous and trusted companies like Tugboat, Maskking, Myle, and many others.

 Don’t waste your money and energy trying to fill your vape with a traditional juice bottle. Buy a handy disposable pod device in Abu Dhabi from VAYYIP and enjoy the aromatic haze within seconds!