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20-25 Mg Nicotine E-liquids

Purchase 20-25 mg vape juices online

What you put in your vaping device matters. At VAYYIP, you are sure to put the best blends, flavors, and hits as you choose from vape juices with 25 mg nicotine content. No matter how you slice it and what throat sensations you’re looking for, we have the e-juice that’ll make for vaping perfection.

You can go for 20-25 mg liquids in freebase nicotine or salt nic versions. There’s a bunch of flavors for prolonged puffs with no chemical aftertaste.

Cheap 20-25 mg nicotine liquids for ex-smokers and dual users

Potent and delicious, 20-25 mg e-liquids are your ticket to flying high. At this level, they contain a moderate amount of nicotine sought after by enthusiasts who have recently switched from smoking or those who vape and smoke. However, if you have never smoked before, check out different strengths to find your sweet spot. Too much nicotine can bring on the buzz.

You’re better off choosing 20 mg vape liquids for sale if you’re accustomed to throat hits. They feel smooth at this nicotine level and thanks to delectable flavors that explode in your mouth:

  • Fruity liquids (Apple, Mango, Strawberry, and more)

  • Mint and menthol

  • Tobacco 

  • Mixed flavors

Whether you’re a fan of tart-tasting blends or sugary combinations, you’ll find the e-liquid that hits the spot. And if you order a 25 mg vape juice now, you’ll have it at your door in Abu Dhabi on the same day.

At VAYYIP, we couldn’t leave affordability out of the equation. 20-25 mg e-juices start at just 20 AED and will set you back less than other stores.

We don’t charge for delivery if your order exceeds 300 AED, so you can buy 20 mg vape liquids in larger quantities and never pause your nicotine-enhanced puffing sessions.



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