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Order vape parts and accessories for DIY fun

Is vaping inherent to your daily routine? Then probably, your device is so familiar to you that it makes you bored. It looks the same from day to day, and you might miss a feature or two to be called a killer vape. VAYYIP can help as a vape spare parts shop and DIY heaven for vapers of all calibers.

Vaping may be as simple as pushing the ON button and inhaling the vaporized juice. But did you know that a perfect setup is not a complex device to assemble, and you can service and tune it up yourself? For this, we can provide all the required add-ons and replacements. VAYYIP delivers hi-tech and cheap vape parts to nearly any available model, as well as new mods.

You should be aware of what you’re doing to your device, as you can unintentionally damage it by putting add-ons together improperly. If you are on the fence, seek specialized vaping services or learn using free sources.

Buy parts of the vape online to customize your mod

You can significantly improve or fix your unit’s functionality with appropriate parts. Disposable vape hardware for sale is always available in our selection, so pick it up to have fun!

You can add the following features if your vape doesn’t have them yet:

  • Adjustable power (5 to 200W)
  • Temperature control
  • Variable tank capacity
  • Compatibility with different power source types
  • Dazzling colors and styles for tanks and boxes

This list isn’t complete, so take a harder look at vape parts to find the hardware that fits your particular setup or upgrade to a unique mod.

For vapers in the UAE

Vaping excellence is in your hands, so avoiding parts from brands with a questionable history is a smart move. When you buy vape hardware in the UAE at VAYYIP, you can vape assured that all pieces and components come from names respected and revered in the country and globally.

Consider snapping more add-ons for a free shipping bonus on top of the finest quality and wide selection available at VAYYIP. By having vape parts and accessories for more than 300 AED, you will not have to pay an extra 25 AED for shipping. 

VAYYIP is passionate about hardware upgrades and new mods. We keep the stock filled with the latest pieces and setups to satisfy the most exquisite tastes. Unleash yours!



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