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Pod kits for sale: The winner of the portability title

Upping vaping sessions for die-hard and beginner vapers is only a matter of a decent purchase. Should you buy a pod kit that includes all the essentials for your cloud-chasing nirvana, you are halfway into the perfect vaping experience. Great for first-timers, these kits are hyper-portable and can be legally enjoyed in the UAE.

With an extensive selection of all-in-one kits at VAYYIP, uninterrupted pleasure is a given. The listed devices are chosen for their ease of use and vaping performance, which proves a pod system can become your sought-after way to indulge in vaping.

Order pod system kits from brands that are a huge hit

Uwell, VOOPOO, Vaporesso, and other kits on display are packed with all the must-haves for kicking off the best vaping sessions in your life. Their devices are of premium quality and are immune to coil twisting, time-consuming recharges, and sticky refills. What’s more, they are praised for:

  • Awesome assembly. Pod starter kits are your best friend for hitting it in the twinkling of an eye. Pods are already paired with compatible batteries to make up ready-to-enjoy devices without piecing components together.

  • Easy to vape, easy to clean. You will get kits with practical guidelines, ensuring that consumers can maintain them and produce aromatic clouds for longer.

  • Best prices. The price shouldn’t scare away vapers looking for new devices. That’s why we have cheap vape pod kits, even if they come from top brands or include extra accessories like glass tubes.

Don’t waste time and money shopping around for other devices. Pods are more affordable and can deliver a superior vaping hit.

Vaping kits for UAE enthusiasts

Even though regulations tighten the use of vaping devices in the UAE, the kits you can buy at VAYYIP are safe and legal. We deliver all over the country and eliminate shipping costs on orders over 300 AED.

Depending on what a perfect session means to you, you can choose the best vape pod kit online by flavor, vaping technique, and wattage. Just click on it, and we’ll ship it to you.



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