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IQOS heets and products for sale

IQOS products certified for the UAE

Marrying tobacco with technology, IQOS is the current winner among smokers and vapers – and you don’t even have to be persuaded into its appeal. If you aren’t okay with your fingers smelling and smoke curling in all directions, the IQOS device makes your tobacco experience more pleasant. So does VAYYIP for your shopping time.

Because it may take ages to find an IQOS shop in the UAE – just to figure out your most-wanted HEETS are out of stock – VAYYIP brings your IQOS essentials online. We carry products certified for UAE smokers and vapers, with same-day delivery and prices adjusted to local IQOS fans. You no longer have to puzzle over store locators, fake IQOS holders, or ill-fitting tobacco sticks – we’ve taken care of originality, safety, and affordability.

Order IQOS online to savor smokeless tobacco, switch up HEETS for the right amount of sweetness, bitterness, or intensity, and keep your device dirt-free. From flavorful inserts to cleaning kits – we have everything for your perfect IQOS experience.

Buy IQOS online to satisfy your smokeless cravings

What is considered taboo in the UAE is redefined by IQOS. Grab HEETS that are all the rage nationwide and enjoy:

  • Smokeless sessions. The heating technology behind IQOS has earned the title of the nation’s favorite. It results in less smoke around, fewer disapproving glances, and reduced exposure to cigarette-like chemicals.
  • Less hassle. You can finally throw your lighter away. IQOS products do not require one because they are self-sufficient with the holder and HEETS. No fancy caps, liquid containers, and ashtrays.
  • Flavorful extravaganza. Choose between a woody flavor and a minty aroma. Get something more intense and citric or less tobacco-ish and cigarette-like. HEETS are so many that e-liquid brands are here to take notice.
  • More responsible use. Cigarette butts are inundating the planet. Swap out careless smoking behaviors for eco-conscious smokeless sessions. Though not biodegradable, used HEETS and IQOS devices are easier to collect and recycle to help the Earth.

The products for 18+ shoppers

IQOS isn’t for minors, nor is it a viable way to bypass age restrictions for vaping or smoking products. Though VAYYIP makes it easy to choose and get IQOS in the UAE online, you should keep your ID ready to prove you are old enough to buy and use these products. The delivery person may ask for age proof upon delivery.



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