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Vape Tanks for sale Online

Upgrading your device? Buy vape tanks online

If you want to maximize capacity, invest in an advanced vape tank. It gives you access to new vaping styles and lets you customize your e-liquid pleasure in countless ways. The game-changing e-cig tanks showcase more control over wattage, temperature, and airflow for enhanced flavor and vapor production. Their designs are more durable and leak-proof, and you can have true mastery of what goes into your setup.

Affordable vape tanks for sale

Doing some vape modifications to improve the performance of your current device? Our collection of e-cig tanks is perfect for replacing old containers and creating custom vaping units.

At VAYYIP, you can find options for the pickiest of vapers seeking advanced features on a budget. From brands like FreeMax, Geekvape, and VOOPOO to tank sizes ranging from 2ML to 8ML – all options are always priced within your means. And if that’s not enough, the vape tanks for sale come in different shapes and colors to suit any setup. 

You can shop worry-free knowing a 2-month warranty is included for all original tanks, no matter the brand.

The features for unforgettable puffing

If you are a vaper on the hunt for a new degree of pleasure, you are especially welcome to check out this range. Order cheap vape tanks at VAYYIP, and you are sure to improve your overall experience due to: 

  • Groundbreaking airflow systems with better insulation and even airflow control
  • Powerful built-in batteries 
  • Almost instant ignition
  • Pod to Tank switch
  • Innovative design

When new-gen technologies are ready to take your vaping practice to an extraordinary level, the superior flavor can seem the most modest improvement. In addition to hi-tech and our vape tank prices, factor in easy installation on your setup, and you get the best your device can receive for the money. It is then multiplied by an experience beyond your wildest expectations.

The upgrade is already on its way to you

To ensure you won’t wait long, we provide same-day delivery if you’re in Abu Dhabi and decide on your tank before 7 pm. If you reside outside of Abu Dhabi, you’ll receive it within 2 days.

More upgrades unlock more pleasure. Pair your tank with other add-ons that total 300 AED and higher, and we will deliver everything for free. 

Shop for vape tanks in the UAE for your own setup and get your pick delivered in no time!



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