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Asmodus Vaping Products

Cheap Asmodus products for picky vapers

If it seems your vaping routine could be better, Asmodus has great news for you. This brand opens the floodgates to North America’s finest vaping products for UAE-based vapers. Here, you can order Asmodus mods, tanks, and other gear for the most astonishing sessions ever.

Asmodus is a perfect mix of affordable pricing, powerful performance, and sleek designs. If you’re hunting for devices that look and work great, it gives you everything you need to enjoy your puffs.

Original Asmodus products for sale

Asmodus is known for delivering the best vaping experience, and VAYYIP is known for making its products accessible for vapers in the Emirates. Here’s a glimpse of what our UAE Asmodus collection includes:

  • Anani MTL RTA is a rebuildable tank that enriches mouth-to-lung vaping with superb airflow control, highly potent flavors, and perfect clouds.

  • Anani MTL RTA (V2) is a souped-up version for nic salts that features a 22mm diameter and a smart chimney design for seamless air circulation.

The brand’s tanks are available in gold, silver, and black for a stylish touch to your vaping device. If you have never tried Asmodus, you’ll get a user manual for easy setup.

Ready for a top-tier mod?

Asmodus has something for serious vapers, too. Its Minikin Kodama 21700 is here to impress with its stellar design and tech features.

Purchasing this Asmodus vape online means getting the device that turns your vaping minutes into hours thanks to its strong battery and 180W wattage cap. The high-res display, touchscreen option, and physical buttons make it extremely easy to use for those who switch from other brands. Available in cosmic green and purple colors, it can even beautify your sessions.

We deliver throughout the UAE

Getting premium US-made vapor devices in the UAE is a matter of a few clicks at VAYYIP.  Whether you crave a new mod or tank atomizer for your sessions, buy Asmodus vaping products, and we’ll deliver them within 1-2 days.

VAYYIP is deeply attached to its community. Contact us for any questions about the brand, modding options, or availability.



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