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NITECORE Vaping Production

Cheap Nitecore batteries and chargers for your high-tech setup

If you are ready to go the extra mile for your vaping devices, swap those old chargers for a speedy new Nitecore. The brand’s products are packed with technology and convenience to detect your vapes’ power levels and deliver an optimized charge that revives your gear quickly. With sleek designs and advanced features, the Nitecore chargers for sale are a cut above regular units.

Nitecore’s products have been acknowledged with multiple awards and are considered the top-of-the-range choice for vaping enthusiasts. Plus, our prices make them easy to add to your arsenal.

Buy Nitecore in the UAE

VAYYIP is authorized to offer genuine Nitecore products and facilitate ultra-fast charging for vape owners in the UAE. Go ahead with this brand to leverage temperature control, simultaneous charging, and increased compatibility embedded into its leading series, such as:

  • D4 and I4. Nitecore’s four-bay units can handle everything from standard AAs to high-drain 18650s and recharge your cells in a flash. The “D” series features digital displays showing each bay’s charging progress so you know when your batteries are ready for action.

  • Q2. This series is matchless for the most impatient vapers. As the name suggests, this is a dual-bay Nitecore charger that delivers power at an impressive 2A. Even your high-drain batteries can be fully ready in just a few hours. The Q charger is also beefed up with overcharge protection and automatically detects battery status.

  • i8 Intellicharger. One of the most advanced models yet, this 8-bay station is compatible with nearly every battery on the market, from AAAs to 26650s. It’s replete with power, has smart power distribution and heat dissipation capabilities, and can analyze battery health to display remaining capacity.

Even though Nitecore is at the forefront of charging technology, you can order a Nitecore battery charger online without draining your wallet for award-winning features. Our prices are the lowest in the UAE, and we can ship to all emirates. 

Your time is valuable to us. Snap up a Nitecore battery or charger today and get it delivered within hours in Abu Dhabi!




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