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dicodes charger cs1

dicodes charger cs1

  • Dhs. 570.00 AED

  • 3 inlays for Dani-Box / PIPELINE PRO8, dicodes no6 / PIPELINE PRO9 and Dani-Box Stabwood
  • LC-Display with automatically dimmed backlight
  • wall-adapter with different mains-plugs for worldwide use, supplying  5.5V / 2 Amps
  • micro-USB port with heavy duty contacts (3A) for long lasting usage
  • automatic USB source strength detection according to battery charger specification BC1.2 and source overload  protection
  • charging with up to 2Amps
  • protective end-charge voltage of 4.15V (+/- 1%) for increased battery charging life cycles
  • robust spring pin contacts
  • prepared for future dicodes box-mods by means of the inlay concept
  • Made in Germany
  • dicodes Part-No: cs1


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