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Tokyo Super Cool Milk Tea Ice 30ml

Tokyo Super Cool Milk Tea Ice 30ml

  • Dhs. 40.00 AED

Tokyo Super Cool juice Milk Tea Ice Salt Nic 30ml is a new series from Tokyo. With the criteria of being colder but the flavor is unchanged compared to Tokyo Classic. Tokyo Super Cool Milk tea has an extremely fragrant, rich milk tea aroma right after opening the lid. It's like just stabbing a straw into a cup of milk tea. The light taste is extremely pleasant. Leaving on your tongue a deliciously greasy aftertaste.

Product specifications

  • Product line name: Tokyo Super Cool Milk Tea Ice
  • Capacity:  30ml
  • Nicotine concentration: 35mg – 50mg
  • Flavor: Milk Tea Ice – Cold Milk Tea
  • Brand:  TOKYO


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