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Discover the exhilarating taste of VGOD Berry Bomb Ejuice 60ml at VAYYIP E-Cigarette Store in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Indulge in the explosive fusion of ripe strawberries and sour candy, delivering a burst of flavor with every puff. Crafted for discerning vapers, this premium e-liquid promises a tantalizing vaping experience.

VGOD Berry Bomb Ejuice 60ml is a symphony of sweet and tangy notes, perfectly balanced to tantalize your taste buds. With its 60ml capacity, you'll have plenty of delicious e-liquid to enjoy throughout the day. Whether you're a fan of fruity flavors or crave a bold and refreshing vape, Berry Bomb is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Available in various nicotine strengths, including 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg, this e-liquid caters to vapers of all preferences and nicotine levels. Whether you prefer a smooth and mellow vape or a more intense nicotine hit, VGOD Berry Bomb has you covered.

At VAYYIP E-Cigarette Store, we're committed to providing our customers with the highest quality vape products. VGOD Berry Bomb exemplifies our dedication to excellence, offering a premium e-liquid that delivers on both flavor and quality. Visit us today to explore our extensive range of e-liquids, devices, and accessories, and elevate your vaping experience with VGOD Berry Bomb Ejuice 60ml.

With its irresistible flavor profile and smooth nicotine delivery, VGOD Berry Bomb Ejuice 60ml is a must-have for any vape enthusiast. Don't miss out on this delectable e-liquid – grab yours now at VAYYIP E-Cigarette Store in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and experience vaping bliss like never before!

Nicotine: 0mg, 3mg and 6mg

Capacity: 60ml



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